Incident Response Services

If you require immediate help with a breach please call 1300 414 010

Emergency Service: CSO Group analysts in partnership with CrowdStrike can quickly establish visibility of attacker activity, and work closely with your team to contain the breach.

Activate this service within minutes and get you back to ‘business-as-usual’ as quickly as possible.

Retainer Service: Define a strategy, implement a plan and prepare for a breach. This service gets you and your business ready for when an incident occurs and allows you to take immediate action and pull down on support hours when you need them.

This service can include document preparation, media and PR release notes, table top exercises, threat intelligence and threat hunting. It is delivered under a retainer making the service always available when you need it.


Both of these services will allow you to:

  • Gain immediate threat visibility
  • Preserve digital forensic evidence
  • Eject the adversary from the network
  • Minimise business impact of an attack


What can be achieved through our expertise and integrated partnership with CrowdStrike:

  • Rapid Incident Response: Our skilled teams leverage proven methodologies and technology for faster and more efficient incident response, resulting in reduced downtime and lower costs.
  • Intelligence-Driven Investigations: Supported by CrowdStrike’s Intelligence team, we can pioneer adversary analysis to swiftly identify and contain incidents, enhancing the effectiveness of the response.
  • Customised Solutions: We can create tailored plans that consider your operational needs, existing investments, and resources, ensuring comprehensive investigations and personalised remediation strategies.
  • Advanced Tools and Technology: Access the cutting-edge Falcon endpoint technology, cyber threat intelligence, and proactive managed hunting services employed in investigations to enhance your security posture and prevent future breaches.
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