AI provides a clear opportunity to accelerate decision making and speed response to cyber attacks through automation.  Finding the right approach for your business will provide efficiencies in the capacity and scale of key personnel who are charged with the task of managing protective controls.

Our consultants have the expertise, backed by proven tools and methodologies, to help you identify automation candidates along with the necessary data points and triggers to enable operations, automate response, reduce cost and aid decision-making.


  • Free up staff capacity through enhanced AI-based detection mechanisms
  • Search large data sets at scale and speed
  • Perform analysis in minutes with AI tools for tasks that would otherwise take hours / days
  • Reduce operational overheads and time to execute by automating repeatable tasks
  • Enhance the analyst experience through tight integration into existing workflows


Cyber security operations provides the cornerstone of protection for business systems and data assets.  Deployed cyber technology must be maintained and optimised on an ongoing basis in order to be truly effective against emerging threats.

People are an organisation’s most valuable asset and they can be constantly busy dealing with routine maintenance, reporting and business-as-usual operational activities. Freeing up capacity of these personnel for higher value activities can be a significant enabler for business growth and innovation.

Our solutions empower analysts with access to contextual, relevant and up-to-date information and automated processes, to accelerate response and speed decision making.

The CSO Group Cyber Reference Architecture includes tight integration across modular technologies and digital channels that addresses the needs of both Cloud and On-premise applications and workloads. The architecture utilises Security Orchestration and Automation capabilities to automate operational run books and integrate across toolsets, enriching data, supporting investigations, speeding response and accelerating decision making.

Our consultants have deep knowledge and expertise in the reference architecture, backed by proven tools and methodologies to assist in identifying candidate workflows along with the necessary data points and triggers to enable autonomous operations. We will work closely with you to co-design and implement workflow automation in a phased and staged manner which is integrated into your cyber security and service management operational context.