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Strategic, integrated, and customised cyber security services
that deliver true business value.

In the modern business environment, cyber security is no longer an issue relegated to a company’s IT department. The dynamic and increasingly complex nature of our digital landscape means that the protection of your digital assets is now a critical business issue and a boardroom discussion, but it isn’t always easy to bridge the gap between IT and the Executive.

At CSO Group, we offer a holistic, customised and collaborative approach to cyber risk management. We build robust client relationships based on trust, active engagement and quality delivery, empowering you to focus on the core activities that drive your business forward with confidence.


We understand that you want your organisation to be resilient, proactive, and adaptable when it comes to cyber threats. We work with you to simplify cyber security problems and empower you to shift your focus away from the intricacies of technology and onto your core business priorities.

With CSO Group as your partner, you can confidently navigate the cyber security landscape while dedicating more time and resources to grow your business and achieve business outcomes.


We are a team of experienced professionals who are genuinely committed to helping our clients drive their business forward in a secure manner. We work with businesses across Australia to identify, manage and mitigate risk in their environment, and have specialists located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Each member of our team has an extensive technical background coupled with a depth of experience in advising, designing, implementing and managing technology. With this combination of business and technical skills, we provide a holistic approach to protect your organisation and deliver true business value.


Enhanced security posture

Reduced cyber risk

Proactive risk management

Adaptability to emerging threats

Access to specialised expertise

Improved visibility & decision making

Continuous improvement

Focus on business strategy

CSO Group offers cyber security solutions for your business around Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra. Contact one of our specialists for more details!


We work as an extension of your business in whatever capacity you require, from strategy, to advice, to selection of advanced technology. We have created five clearly defined service modules to ensure we can engage where you need it most.


Our Cyber Architecture & Consulting practice is a highly specialised team that provides thought-leading advisory services and expertise in the field of cyber security.

We will delve into your core business operations to provide valuable insights about your cyber risks, and then develop a customised and robust framework, architecture and strategy to help protect your organisation from threats and mitigate security risks.

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Our Cyber Program & Integration practice is led by a team of exceptionally talented professionals with decades of experience in cyber security, IT and network operations. Our robust Program Management and Governance methodologies work seamlessly with our engineering approach to implement and integrate customised solutions to secure our customers’ business-systems and data.

We go beyond mere procedural adherence to deliver advice that is rooted in pragmatism, relevance and a deep understanding of how best to integrate the technology being deployed with your business operations.

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When you invest in our Managed Cyber Service, our team of cyber experts become a true extension of your business. We utilise marketing-leading security technologies and a clearly defined onboarding, shared responsibility and engagement model to keep your network and systems effective and enhance your overall security posture. With a managed cyber security service, you can focus on your core business activities with the confidence that the full potential of your technology resources is being harnessed.

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Our Cyber Risk & Assurance service is designed to help your organisation effectively manage cyber risks while ensuring you maintain a strong culture of compliance. Our comprehensive and tailored approach empowers your organisation to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, protect valuable data and assets and foster a culture of accountability and integrity across the business.

By partnering with us, you can focus on your core business activities while we help manage cyber risk and ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards.

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We bridge the gap between your IT expert and your boardroom executive.