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CSO Group offers powerful and effective independent Managed Security Services that provide value to customers where we can see it is needed most.  Our managed security operations allows for proactive and ongoing cyber assurance, freeing your internal team to focus on key projects and initiatives to advance your business.


Organisations make significant investments to secure their business, however the ongoing management and maintenance does not always have the focus and capability necessary to maintain the security efficacy. Further, the global Global Cyber Skills shortage has meant that organisations are increasingly finding it difficult to attract and maintain a dedicated team of inhouse cyber experts to ensure ongoing management.


Unlike many 'managed-services' in the market that provide reactive support models, our Managed Cyber Assurance Service (M-CAS) is a complete managed service that provides proactive and ongoing operations, and allows you to augment and strengthen your internal capability with highly specialised and certified engineering expertise.

a service built for your needs

Our powerful and effective independent Managed Security Services provide robustness and information that is essential to report against business risk as well as proactive and trusted reporting on the changing landscape of information and cyber security. Powered by local and global leading commercial intelligence feeds, our managed security services not only bring best practice to your organisation, but are tailored to meet your industry and business policy frameworks. We provide our Managed Security Services Australia wide with offices in major Australian cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane.

To speak with one of our experts about our customisable Managed Security services contact us or download our datasheet to learn more:

Managed Security Services

CSO Group offers managed cyber security services right across Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane. Contact one of our specialists for more details!