Need a safe pair of hands to help you solve a cyber security problem?

At CSO Group we help organisations balance the right combination of technical control, process, policy and people to define the right solutions and effectively protect critical assets. ​ We assess cyber security risk and translate risk findings into the real-world application of next-generation security technology solutions from our highly regarded technology partners.

CSO Group Reference Architecture


CSO Group focus on augmenting your workforce to helpfree up your resources. Leaving your team to focus on the things that only they know how to do, while we focus on our area of expertise within your business context.

To do this, we start with a comprehensive risk assessment of your environment. Then, leveraging our  defined  Reference Architecture , we align your security outcomes with an outcomes focused execution. 


Our Reference Architecture consists of best-in-class cyber technology solutions that integrate to provide seamless, authenticated access, as well as threat-sharing across the entire environment.

key security areas

To support this outcomes focused approach, we strategically hand-picked a highly regarded partner network of leading security technology providers that offer highly complimentary portfolio capabilities and knowledge across fundamental cyber security areas.

Application Security Application Security

Application security involves bringing about a secure software development environment to people who are working together to implement software products or services.

Data security Data security

Data security entails the procedures in place to protect digital information from unauthorised access, corruption, and/or theft; throughout the duration of its lifespan.

Detection Response Detection & Response

Detection and response capabilities provide advanced assault discovery and quickly act to counter such events as they occur.

Email Security Email Security

Email security is a combination of practises that together ensure the availability, integrity and authenticity of email communications between people.

Endpoint Protection Endpoint Protection

Endpoint security refers to shielding a range of devices including desktops, laptops, and mobiles that communicate back and forth with the networks to which they are connected

Identity and Access Identity and Access

Identity and access facilitates the secure management of digital identities by utilising a framework of business procedures, policies and technologies.

Network Security Network Security

Network security refers to all activities that when combined ensure the availability and integrity of computer infrastructure and the data within it.

User Awareness User Awareness

User security awareness is equipping staff to be knowledgeable about the types of threats facing business and understand the role all individuals play to diminish risks

Threat Intelligence Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence involves the continuous collection and analysis of data and relevant contextual information to understand threats, intent, and opportunity to protect assets.

Cloud Security Cloud Security

Cloud security encompasses a range of measures to protect and secure cloud computing environments against numerous threats at all levels of operations.


What sets CSO Group apart is our proven and outcome focused execution. Our clearly defined delivery program has assisted our customers to achieve their desired security outcomes time and time again. This is because our architecture goes beyond technology, beginning with strategy, risk and assurance analysis, moving through to design, architecture and complete integration into a customer's environments. The benefit lies then in our ongoing Managed Cyber Assurance Service and continuous improvement programs where we ensure that your outcomes continue to be met as they change over time.